‘From my first day at the office, I felt the difference’ – Rebecca Fitzpatrick

‘From my first day at the office, I felt the difference’ – Rebecca Fitzpatrick

In 2018, Rebecca Fitzpatrick was looking for a new work environment that recognised her expertise and promoted career progression – so she joined BellchambersBarrett.

Today, she’s thriving in her role as a Senior Manager in Tax and Business Services.

Thanks to Rebecca for sharing her story with us.

Finding room to grow

I arrived at BellchambersBarrett with over 20 years of experience in the industry. I was confident in my skill set and knew that if I found the right firm, I could continue to grow – personally and professionally.

And I can safely say I found the perfect fit at BellchambersBarrett. The work is dynamic, and the culture is supportive – which I love.

All employees can access tailored training programs and one-on-one mentorship sessions. Plus, there’s plenty of opportunity to work on multifaceted projects. I’d say the firm’s commitment to staff development is outstanding.

Embracing change – and innovation

My role has continued evolving throughout these five years. Today, I manage all my core responsibilities as a Senior Manager and provide outsourced CFO services.

This initiative feels aligned with BellchambersBarrett’s unwavering focus on client needs. We’re not just about fulfilling standard obligations. We’re dedicated to adding value and exceeding expectations.

This approach is one of our biggest strengths. And I love working this way.

A collaborative approach to work

From my first day at the office, I felt the difference. The team doesn’t work in silos. Instead, we enjoy a genuine sense of knowledge-sharing and a strong emphasis on collaboration. We’re often catching up with each other to hash out solutions.

I have no doubt that this team spirit boosts our productivity. But, most importantly, it creates a real sense of camaraderie among the team. I really do look forward to coming to work each day.

And I see this flow into our client relationships, too. We go beyond compliance work to produce truly client-focused results – and establish meaningful connections.

Life outside the BellchambersBarrett office

My days are full and varied – both inside the office and out!

During the day, I’m working on many different projects. And when I get home, life is just as busy. I have three teenage boys, which means I’m always running around.

But you’ll generally find me outdoors when I have free time. I love bushwalking, travelling, and exploring new towns and hidden gems across Australia. My family and I have done some amazing trips over the years – and I’m grateful that BellchambersBarrett allows me that flexibility.

I feel like I’ve found my perfect fit with BellchambersBarrett. And I’m so excited to see what lies ahead.