“Because of the firm’s flexibility, I am present to raise my young family.” – Kathleen Buckley

“Because of the firm’s flexibility, I am present to raise my young family.” – Kathleen Buckley

As BellchambersBarrett’s first ever employee, Kathleen Buckley has been with us since we opened our doors in 2014. And even a trip around Australia could not stop her from returning to us. Here’s why – in her words.

Working our way

The adventure of building a firm from the ground up always fascinated me.

I wanted to play a part in creating a team and deciding the way we’d deliver our services to clients.

So in 2014, I joined BellchambersBarrett – sharing Shane and James’s vision of what we would grow into: a new-age firm that doesn’t just know the numbers, but knows its people as well.

And during my journey to Principal, I’ve watched us realise that vision.

Clients and co-workers alike – we connect with the person within every professional to truly understand their needs. And we have control and flexibility over the way we work.

The freedom to experience family

BellchambersBarrett supports its people to live life outside work. And through our joint flexibility (the firm’s and mine), I have been present in raising my young family – one of my core parenting values.

Since 2014, I’ve taken two periods of maternity leave. I transitioned to part-time work to bring up my beautiful boys.

I even caravanned around Australia with my husband and kids for a whole year in 2021!

This flexibility has provided balance. It has allowed me to satisfy my personal goals, while progressing my career and achieving great outcomes for BellchambersBarrett.

Through the years, I’ve coached staff, established the firm’s quality control function, won significant contracts through my relationships and experience, and managed major projects. All this without having to sacrifice my own personal and family life.

Staff who stand by each other

The people at BellchambersBarrett aren’t just my colleagues. They’re my dear friends.

Life will always come with its challenges. But my team has been with me through hard times – and I go to work knowing they’ll continue to be there for me every time.

We recognise our peers’ humanity. We hear each other’s voices. And a workplace that welcomes and uplifts its people is not easy to come by.

That’s why I treasure my place in our team.