Social advisory

For-purpose experts

Our team draws on extensive background in management consultancy, Chartered Accountant expertise and hands on leadership experience in the for-purpose sector.  We specialise in developing solutions for the human services sector, for purpose organisations, charitable sector, community groups, government, the education sector, and research organisations. We understand the for-purpose sector and government and seek to create sustainable and impactful solutions that positively influence community outcomes, enhance inclusivity, and empower those in need.

What’s more, we lead from the front. Our most senior people are passionate about the for-purpose sector and work directly with you, using their deep expertise and big-picture perspectives to achieve your goals.

Best practice professionals

We focus on achieving real strategic outcomes using a tailored, collaborative approach.

Just as importantly, we create practical solutions that help you overcome the obstacles of today – and rise to the challenges of tomorrow.

We understand the budgetary challenges of this sector, and we aim to leverage your investment through our proven methods, evidence based solutions and sector experience that enables us to add value from day one.

For us,” evidence based and best practice’ also means being reliable, responsive, and operating with integrity. It’s making the effort to understand your purpose, your situation and demonstrating integrity.

Trusted advisor

Social advisory lead Miranda Garnett brings extensive experience to her team.  Miranda and her team thrive on enabling organisations to further their purpose and service their community. The team is passionate about working with organisations to understand the existing models of service. At the core of this passion is Miranda’s commitment to assisting organisations to transition to efficient and effective client centred service models. Miranda has extensive experience in this area, ensuring alignment to compliance and regulatory obligations, a strong focus on quality and consistency of service across all operations, cost efficient model and enabling evidence/data capability to inform future planning and resource planning.

Miranda is a trusted advisor in the sector, with her extensive knowledge and skills gained over 25 years’ experience as a consultant, business strategist and change facilitator combined with hands-on leadership experience (NFP CEO roles for 10+ years) bringing a unique and trusted offering to the sector.

Our capabilities
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  • Strategy & organisation design
  • Financial consulting
  • Business process improvement
  • Board, CEO and CFO advisory
  • Risk management
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Strategy & organisation design
  • Strategic planning
  • Operating model design & review (evidence-based models)
  • Organisational design (evidence-based models)
  • Workforce optimisation, strategic workforce planning, change & reviews
  • Organisation function & efficiency reviews
  • Organisational optimisation 
Financial consulting
  • Financial modelling & analysis
  • Detailed cost modelling & analysis
  • Business analytics & reporting
Business process improvement
  • Process mapping, analysis & review
  • Process improvement & re-design
  • Process control review & optimisation
  • Process operating instructions (detailed task procedures)
Board, CEO and CFO advisory
  • Reporting frameworks and guidance
  • Governance reviews
  • Critical friend reviews
  • Executive coaching
  • Resource support
Risk management and fraud control
  • Risk management services – framework reviews, assessments and implementation