“I love being in a role that contributes to our clients’ success.” – Rinda Scott

“I love being in a role that contributes to our clients’ success.” – Rinda Scott

Rinda Scott was with DPA when we merged in 2016. At that time, she thought, I’ll just stay and join the team and see how things go.

Fast-forward five years to today, Rinda is now one of the Senior Managers in Tax & Business Services – with no regrets.

Thank you to Rinda for sharing her career story with us.

Dynamic clients and dynamic growth

In 2016, I was working with DPA when the merger with BellchambersBarrett happened. And because it made sense to stay on with the BellchambersBarrett team, I did. Since then, I’ve had the opportunity to work with larger, more dynamic and interesting clients.

I’ve especially enjoyed working with the Capital Asphalt Group. The business started off as a sole trader entity, and when they came to us, they were growing their business and diversifying their investments.

Joining their journey of growth – and assisting them in different ways as their needs evolved – was really satisfying.

It’s truly enjoyable to work with clients who want our expertise and support to achieve their goals. I love being in a role that contributes to their success.

Open spaces and inclusive people

As my colleagues would attest, BellchambersBarrett is a very friendly workplace. Everyone is sociable and supportive, and that makes coming to work something to look forward to. I also value the diverse and multicultural nature of our team and the open, inclusive environment.

But the openness doesn’t stop there.

At my previous workplaces, it was normal for everyone to have private offices. But here, I love the open office layout. It allows for easier collaboration. And it encourages natural communication and connection.

Plus, we’re inclined to be more aware of what’s going on with the team as a whole – rather than be stuck in our own bubble.

Always striving to be better

I appreciate that the team is always finding ways to do things better. There’s an openness to continual improvement.

Through the years, we’ve seen several changes, especially on the technology side of things. The automation of certain tasks and the rolling-out of cloud-based working made it easy and seamless for us to work from home or from a client’s office.

We’ve transitioned to electronic documentation, which helps us reduce paper use and be more environmentally friendly. Plus, it makes it quicker to communicate with clients and other authorities and organisations we work with.

I know BellchambersBarrett will continue to reach greater heights, and I’m excited to go – and grow – along with the ride in the coming years.