“The team kept believing in me, trusting me and supporting me.” – Samrat Lamichhane

“The team kept believing in me, trusting me and supporting me.” – Samrat Lamichhane

Samrat Lamichhane moved from Sydney to Canberra in search of better work opportunities. But nobody was willing to give him a chance – until he met the team at BellchambersBarrett.

Since then, Samrat went from having no accounting experience to becoming a flourishing Audit Consultant. And he has gained so much more in the process.

Thank you Samrat, for sharing your story with us.

Full of (bad and good) surprises

Originally from Nepal, I moved from Sydney to Canberra in 2021 in search of a more accessible pathway for permanent residency and a better future.

I was looking for an accounting job. But because I had no relevant experience – and was on a temporary visa – opportunities were hard to come by.

No one was willing to even call me in for an interview, even though I had an Australian degree.

Things were looking quite grim.

But one day, I was invited in for an interview with BellchambersBarrett.

I took the opportunity, although I wasn’t very hopeful about it. I fully expected to be rejected for the same reason all the other companies did: “No permanent residency.”

Surprisingly though, the people I met at BellchambersBarrett that day listened to my story. They understood. And welcomed me without any bias.

The great equaliser

Due to COVID lockdowns that came into effect when I was two weeks in, I had quite a rough start at the firm. But the team kept believing in me. And continued to trust and support me.

It’s extremely important to find – and be in – a good work environment. Tasks and projects may sometimes be challenging. But if your workplace has good vibes, good ambience, and good people – that can make a huge difference in how you face and cope with those challenges.

I’ve worked in many places and industries before coming to BellchambersBarrett. And I can say for certain that the most draining thing at most workplaces is not the actual work – but the office politics.

That’s why I’m delighted to find zero politics here. Only open communication, mutual trust and respect.

More than just hello-goodbye work colleagues, everyone at the firm supports and cares for each other. We’re one big family.

A firm that helps us grow

I’m very thankful that the firm sponsored my CA program, including extra classes, materials and paid study leave. They also provide ongoing guidance and professional development opportunities to help build our confidence.

I love the flexibility, work-life balance – and of course, our social club.

We’ve had so many fun events: bowling, pottery, candle-making, you name it. But more than the activities, we truly treasure the time to hang out and get to know each other better.

When I moved from Sydney, I wasn’t just looking for a workplace. I was searching for friends and a tight-knit family to be a part of, too.

I’ve found all of that, and more, at BellchambersBarrett.