A morning of cultures and cuisines

A morning of cultures and cuisines

We wanted to celebrate the cultural diversity in our team. And since food represents such an important part of culture, we had the perfect idea: a multicultural morning tea.

Celebrating our differences

At BellchambersBarrett, we’re fortunate that our team is made up of different people from different cultures. And we love how much this enriches our firm.

So in June 2022, we decided to acknowledge and celebrate the cultural diversity of our people.

And what better way to do that than through… food?

A taste of harmony

We held a special multicultural morning tea at our office, and it was all about inclusiveness, respect and belonging.

All our staff were invited to bring a dish of their choice to share – preferably one that represented their culture.

And we were in for a treat! The feast included:

  • From Asia: Yak gwa (Korea); pandan cake and nasi lemak (Malaysia); lamb satay (Indonesia); fortune cookies (China); and mochi (Japan)
  • From Europe: Baklava (Greece); scones, jam and cream (Scotland); and potato chips (Ireland)
  • From USA: Chocolate brownies
  • From Australasia: Rocky Road balls and Tim Tams (Australia); and Cookie Time cookies and Pineapple Lumps (New Zealand)

Teams that eat together, stay together

The highlight of the day? Having Sart in charge of barbequing lamb satay sticks on the office balcony. It was a sight to behold!

But in all seriousness, it was a memorable (and tasty) morning. One that left us with full tummies – and full hearts.

What a wonderful way to show our appreciation for each other’s cultures.