Celebrate Auditor Proud Day with BellchambersBarrett

Celebrate Auditor Proud Day with BellchambersBarrett

In honour of #AuditorProud Day, we’re taking a moment to celebrate the critical work auditors do. Join us as we sit with three brilliant auditors – Abhishek Singh, Kathleen Buckley and Donna McShane – to learn more about their passion for their profession.

A shifting audit landscape

Navigating the ever-evolving business landscape is no small feat. Constant developments in digital reporting, emerging standards and fresh tech to wrangle – it’s no wonder folks struggle to keep up with the work auditors do.

And yet, amidst these shifts, our auditors stand resilient, creative and adaptive – ensuring much-needed clarity and transparency within business.

Their dedication keeps the financial universe – and BellchambersBarrett – ticking.

Audit matters – now more than ever

As misinformation and disinformation increase, so does the importance of auditors. Their work ensures the public can trust the information businesses provide.

But the industry is facing challenges – namely attracting and retaining talent.

‘The work we do as auditors, and the value we provide, makes a huge impact on clients and their businesses,’ says Abhishek.

‘Our work often occurs behind the scenes, so we may not always hear that feedback directly. But I can feel it!’

So, why become an auditor? And what does an auditor do exactly?

A day in the life

‘As an auditor, I’m often identifying unseen risks, which allows my clients to address them before they impact their business,’ says Kathleen.

‘I help businesses find efficiencies in their processes. This has a flow-on effect, too. Staff time is freed up, so they can focus on more strategic or meaningful tasks.’

For Donna, the best part of her job is presenting good news stories.

‘I love spotlighting areas where my clients’ staff are achieving amazing outcomes. It never gets old.’

Recognising wins, fostering an atmosphere of encouragement and positivity, and pinpointing areas for improvement. These are just some of the things our auditors do daily.

‘Plus, we can use our audit skills to help our community. I love sitting on boards and committees and using my analytical skills to assess information and provide guidance,’ says Kathleen.

‘We’re not just doing a job. We’re genuinely there to help our clients,’ adds Donna. ‘That rapport-building process is so important and rewarding.’

Share your pride with us

Our auditors’ work is fundamental to BellchambersBarrett – driving excellence, reliability and transparency in every interaction and project.

So, jump on board and celebrate #AuditorProud Day on Thursday, 28 September 2023!