Kathleen Buckley, long-standing employee, promoted to partnership

Kathleen Buckley, long-standing employee, promoted to partnership

We’re thrilled to announce that Kathleen Buckley became Partner in our Audit and Consulting division on 1 January 2023.

Often fondly referred to as BellchambersBarrett’s ‘number one employee’, Kathleen has contributed significantly to our firm’s growth since the day we opened our doors.

As a senior member of our Audit and Consulting division, Kathleen has a wealth of experience in audit assignments across the private and public sectors – including compliance and performance audits, assurance mapping, governance and risk management reviews.

On top of that, Kathleen’s passion, outgoing nature and superior communication skills make her invaluable in our team.

Co-founder Shane Bellchambers is thrilled that Kathleen has finally accepted the role, adding that this has been a long-awaited promotion.

“We’re ecstatic to have Kathleen on board as Partner. She’s such a valued employee and has worked closely with so many of us over the past decade. I’ve personally worked with her since she began her career in 2007,” he says.

“Based on all that she’s done and achieved over the years, Kathleen well and truly deserves this promotion.”

Knowing how capable Kathleen is, Shane is confident she will bring immense value to the partnership table.

“Our staff and partnership team have so much respect for Kathleen – they always have. And she’s a very well-rounded individual, so I know she’ll be a very effective Partner.”

As for Kathleen, she is beyond excited about this next step in her career and can’t wait to play an even bigger part in our firm’s growth.

“I feel such a strong connection with BellchambersBarrett. It’s been an incredible journey so far, to be able to help grow this brand-new business right from the start. And I’m proud to be taking on this next challenge,” she says.

“I’m looking forward to contributing more to the leadership and the firm, to bring the perspective of the grads, part-time employees and working parents – especially when we make decisions that may impact them.

“And I’m hoping that, as a female leader in the business, I can lead by example and encourage the other women in the firm to know that they, too, can reach their goals. That it’s possible to balance – and achieve success in – both motherhood and their career.”

Congratulations Kathleen, and welcome to partnership! We can’t wait to see what this next chapter brings for you and for our firm.